ROI Calculator

OfficePopup's local network design and lack of executable attachments virtually eliminate unwanted messages commonly known as spam or the possibility of viruses using the software as a method of propagation.

Use the following ROI calculator to evaluate the costs associated with spam and virus attacks on your company. These unnecessary expenses could be greatly reduced by installing OfficePopup on each workstation that is used for internal communication only.

Step 1

Details about your workplace and email environment

Number of employees with email
Number of workdays per year per employee
Average hourly salary per employee

Step 2

Assumptions about your email usage

Average number of spam emails per day per employee
Number of seconds wasted with each spam email message

Step 3

Assumptions about your administrators and virus attacks

Number of viruses (per year) that manage to spread themselves because they came as an email attachment
Average hourly salary of the technician that has to combat the virus attacks
Amount of time (in hours) required to completely stop and clean each virus attack

Step 4

Calculate the cost of spam and viruses for your corporation

Spam Cost

Here is what spam costs your corporation

Lost productivity per year per employee
Lost salary per year per employee
Total lost salary caused by spam

Virus Cost

Here is what virus attacks cost your corporation

Lost productivity per year for your corporation
Lost employee and technician salary per year