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User Testimonials

[OfficePopup] is one of the best and most simple programs in its league that we've used. And we've tried MANY of them!

E. A.

We have just bought your OfficePopup program about 1 or 2 weeks ago. First off let me tell you how nice and easy it is to use. I manage and maintain all the computers here and when someone would get a worm virus it would play hell on our network because every one had everyone's e-mail address in there address book. Now, with OfficePopup I can remove them all and allow people to just send quick messages. All in all we are loving the program.

Nick Y.

[OfficePopup] works on all platforms, and is a reasonable replacement for WinPopup. It should come bundled with Windows.


Its so clean and easy to use. Simple installation etc.. great program.

James M.